Does WoW Game Card Generators work, or are they a SCAM?

Did you know that most WoW Game Card Generators contain spy-ware, or even key-loggers that let hackers hack into your computer so that they can steal your passwords or even credit card information?

How do WoW Game Card Generators work? You download the Generator, and it will ask you to run the .exe file (wowgen.exe or wowgenerator.exe). Then, it will ask you to choose your country and to click “Generate”. This can either install spy-ware onto your computer, or even a key-logger program, which will allow hackers to follow your key-strokes when you type in personal information!

Any websites advertising WoW Game Card Generators are fake and will contain Trojan viruses, spy-ware, malware or key-loggers. Do not download these Generators! There are many reasons why you shouldn't download WoW Game Card Generators. Every Wow Game Card created for World of Warcraft will more than likely be stored in Blizzard's database. If the WoW Game Card Code is contained in their database, it will let you add the game card to your account to play online. The game card code is then expired and can no longer be used again at a later time. Hackers use a combination of numbers based on algorithms to create WoW Game Card Generators. Then they add a Trojan virus or key-logger program designed to hack people's computer's who are searching for FREE WoW Game Cards. They use these methods to steal your information from your e-mail address and WoW account to get your credit card information!

You may also take note that Blizzard can detect false codes found online and they will ban your account if they detect any unauthorized codes or activities. There is simply no way to get FREE WoW Game Card without doing some form of work. Many people claim to give away Free WoW Game Cards by using WoW Game Card Generators, but end up stealing your account or getting you banned. You will probably end up getting banned eventually if you have used a WoW Game Card Generator.

I would stay far away from WoW Game Card Generators, they will lead you only to trouble. I have been using a rewards site to get FREE WoW Game Cards, with NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED! They didn't even ask me to download any kind of software. Reward sites like Points2Shop are the only thing online that truly work. You will be able to get FREE WoW Game Cards by completing free offers and doing free surveys. You never need to pay for anything, and it's 100% FREE and Legit. Points2Shop will reward you with a FREE Wow Game Card for the time you've spent completing offers. It's a great site, and I always get FREE WoW Game Cards from them!